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Sri Lanka consists of many tourist attractions and there are some certain places which will bring adventurous experience for visitors. Trekking, Surfing, water rafting and rock climbing are adventurous blended excursions can be listed. There are several mountains can be listed as best trekking experience ever can be gained with enormous feeling. Sri Pada Mountain, Little Adam’s Peak, Pidurutalaga are very few of major attraction for the visitor. Attending the water rafting experience at Kithulgala, Mahaweli River will be added more unforgettable experience during the lifetime. Not even there are a number of surfing locations available around Sri Lanka which can be an adventurous blended amazing experience.

Sri Pada Mountain (Adam’s Peak) - One of the most sacred place of Buddhist. Lord Buddha came and kept his footprint on the top of the mountain. Annually many Buddhist trekking to this amazing place and there are many customs have been gathered with this pilgrims. People also called this place as Adam’s Peak anyhow trekking to the mountain will bring more picturesque and breathtaking views. Sunrise in the morning can’t be explained in words because it is truly fascinating.

Trekking Knuckles Mountain Range - A superb and fantastic destination ever can be visited in Sri Lanka with the widest biodiversity of Sri Lanka. Not even that Knuckles is one of the main focal point of proper biodiversity. The surroundings are truly magnificent and breathtaking. There are five major forests located in here and most purified water can be found in here. Also, this world heritage spread around 155sq km. The whole area covers by mist in an instant time and the view is truly amazing.

Climbing Bambarakanda Falls - This amazing and stunning breathtaking waterfall locates in highlands of Sri Lanka also it is located in Colombo and Badulla (A4) road.  The best location for rock climbing as well. First, need to reach the Kalupahana Town, it is a small town that located Belihul Oya and Beragala. Not even this road to reach the waterfall with curvy and narrow roads.  Some parts of the roads are washed away and it is good to have four-wheel vehicles to reach the place. Also, need to reach through unpaved way with more interesting and superb journey.

Mahaweli River Water Rafting - The longest river of Sri Lanka that starts from Horton Plains and reaches up to Trincomalee. The total distance that travels 335km. This river is highly important for Sri Lanka because with using the water in various places generate hydropower.  Also, Mahaweli River became a great place to have unforgettable water rafting experience because there are a couple of class I and Class II raids in Mahaweli River which will be brought more amazing and adventurous blended experience for guests. This amazing river also a great platform for non-experienced persons for water rafting.

Trekking Little Adam’s Peak - It is located in amazing Ella one of best and superb travel destination with giant hill country and superb backdrop. It will pave the way to enjoy the natural environment in Sri Lanka with greenery. Little Adam’s Peak another great destination among worldwide travellers. The top of the mountain with superb and breathtaking surroundings are truly amazing and picturesque. Watching the sunrise from the top of the mountain can’t be explained in the word.

Hot air ballooning – Another great adventurous excursion in Sri Lanka. Dambulla is the ideal location for having this great and enormous feeling. Early in the morning start the journey and superb experience can be gained in here. Watching animals from the air will be unforgettable. Following all safety procedures while on the journey makes more safety for the visitors.

Water rafting – There are several rivers available in Sri Lanka. The major rapids found in Kithulgala. It will add more adventurous experience for the visitors. There is well-experienced crew serves ultimate service. Not even that Mahaweli River also a great location for having superb water rafting experience. Also Sdudu River, Walawe River known other water rafting locations in Sri Lanka.