10 Days Sri Lanka Round Tour | 10 Days

Day – 01 Negombo to Dambulla

An enthusiastic journey that covers in six days within finest tourist hotspots. Start the journey to reach superb travel destination called “Dambulla” one of the ancient historic emblems in Ceylon. Well, preserved cave arts securely can be captured in here with truly amazing lion rock “Sigiriya” there are many historical facts to be discovered in world heritage site. While on the journey reach to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. It is a place where can observe the giant elephants. Even organized hot air ballooning ride to explore the tremendous roots of Sri Lankan travel. Elephant back ride also another unforgettable experience can be ever gained.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – A place where kept abandoned elephants in large scale and able to observe the elephants closely. Not even that able to attend to volunteer works also there is able to adopt elephants in here. The best time to observe the elephants are bathing time. One of a great location to enjoy the surroundings.

Cave Temple – A historic emblem over two thousand years, according to archaeological facts this was made in 01st Century BCE. It is a temple complex since thousands of years where thousands of Buddhist Monks lived. Those caves were developed under many kings. It is well-preserved cave arts and painted many Lord Buddha with God and Goddess. All paints are totally natural with mixed well to preserve emotions.

Sigiriya (Lion Rock) – This rock fort was built by King Kashayapa and he made up truly fascinating creations. He developed fully city complex in here and cave paintings could attract huge travellers around the world. Mirror wall was the memorial thing for the people who visited the Sigiriya since thousands of years. There are many historic poets found in a mirror wall. Also, sigiriya was a Buddhist Monastery.

Namal Uyana – Found largest pink quartz mine with ironwood forest ever found in Sri Lanka in here. The pink quartz history goes up to 550 million years. This was a Buddhist monastery for thousands of years. There are many historical facts found in here. According to archaeological facts this was a Buddhist monastery with Bodighara, Temple complex still found which made by stones.


Day 02 Sigiriya to Anuradhapura

The final destination is “Anuradhapura” first ancient capital Ceylon where secured ancient ruins more than 2000 years which made by stone. The observation of Anuradhapura city is truly remarkable because there are many things can’t believe yet and built by stone. Can visit world oldest tree (A sacred Boo Tree) Also it is a holy city where Lord Buddha relic kept in Pagoda. A best and amazing opportunity to observe historic evidence on a vast scale. 

Sacred Bo Tree – According to the records this is the oldest human-planted tree in the world and it is sacred Bo tree that worship by Buddhist. It is a sacred tree of Sri Lanka and there is some custom which comes generation to generation. Also, there are some many stone carvings that attract many tourists because it shaped well carved by the stone with very soft. Therefore Sacred Bo tree is a precious thing.

Ruwanwali Pagoda – This large pagoda was made by King Dutugamauna and it has over two thousands of history. This is a large amount of Lord Buddha Relic kept placed middle. Visiting this religious place is a great opportunity to study about the civilization with great historical facts. Not even that there are many Pagoda located proximity to Ruwanwali and kept various types of Lord Buddha Relics.

Twin Pond – It is hydrologic engineering marvellous creation of Ceylonese. All things were created by stone with carved various symbols. The origins of the pond creation is not clear but believe this was built on King Agrabodhi I era. All ponds connected each other by stone made pipe which highly attractive technology. This was used by Buddhist Monks for their day to day works.


Day 03 Anuradhapura to Polonnaruwa

The second ancient capital where securely thousands of years history. There are a lot of ancient ruins kept in this place with secure. Image house with over two thousand years and pagodas, Royal Palace, Irrigation systems are some of the ancient ruins can be listed. It is a place where can observe more about the ancient civilization. Able to observe the tremendous stone carved statues in Polonnaruwa. Watadageya is another great creation with historical value. The precious moments will never forget in a world heritage city which has over two thousand years.

Galviharaya – A great example that proudly presents about the stone carving over thousands of years. The emotions of the statue well shaped and expressed through granite, that creation is truly unbelievable. There are four statues of Lord Buddha and all are well shaped and well furnished. Spending few hours on there make more peaceful feeling by watching that creation.

Watadageya – Buddhist shrine that made for worshipping purpose which made by granite. All granite were well shaped and carved with various things. Another part of the watadageya made by bricks. There is four Lord Buddha status kept to four directions. Also, Lord Buddha status were made by stone with well-shaped. It is a magnificent creation of ancient civilization. 

Thiwanka Image House – This image house was made by King Parakramabahu and it has amazing three curves and that is why called image house with three curves. The Buddha statues with 8m height but today some part of the statue destroyed. There are many ancient images over two thousand years. Not even that creation of the image house truly amazing with its magnificent architectural designs.


Day 04 Polonnaruwa to Kandy

Start most convenience with safest journey to observe unlimited travel temptation. Prime destination is Kandy which was last kingdom of Ceylon. Many things to be observed in a wider angle. Then reach to historic with sacred Kandy city. Temple of Tooth Relic and Royal Botanical Garden, Kandy Cultural Show, Udawatta Bird Sanctuary became major attractions.   

Temple Tooth Relic – Holy temple of Kandy where kept Lord Buddha Tooth Relic. The traditions with customs are truly amazing even museum is a great place to observe more knowledge. There is Golden roof have been prepared for tooth relic and there are seven reliquaries were established for the protection of Lord Buddha tooth relic in this Palace. Wood carvings at audience hall such truly amazing.

Embakke Devalay – Found superb wood carving which has over five hundred years and well carved the emotions and shapes of wood. Truly amazing creation of ancient Ceylonese. The wooden pillars made with amazing wood carving creations. There are three parts of the Devalaya (Temple) and totally decorated by wood carving and this enthusiastic place became one great tourist attraction.

Cultural Show – Explore the hidden custom of Kandian era which explore the enormous custom. Kandian dance represent uniqueness and it is diversity is very high and attractive. The source for Kandian dance is Kohomba yak kankariya “a traditional rituals with dancing style which comes generation to generation. Cultural show explain about the identity of Kandian history.


Day 05 Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

Giant hilly mountains that covered by the misty will be added more picturesque stunning view for visitors. A great tourist destination located middle of Sri Lanka with breathtaking views. World’s End, Hakgala Botanical Garden, Many waterfalls, Nine Arch Bride, Ancient temples are located in tremendous place. Lovers Leap, Vitoria Park, Horton Plains will be added unforgettable holiday experience for guests. Boat ride t Gregory lakes, trekking Adams Peak another point of interest in this precious land. Warm and cool climate makes superb holidays. 

Hakgala Botanical Garden – Superb destination in Nuwara Eliya where find heaven well planned garden with landscape. The history of the botanical garden goes up to King Rawana era. Rose Garden, Rock Garden and Water Garden are most attractive place of the garden. Spending time on here make more tranquility for visitors. The best time to visit here April to August. A place with breathtaking views.

Horton Plains – Superb destination which located 2100m above from Sea Level. A wonderful creation of Mother Nature. This became one of world heritage site due to its large biodiversity. The vegetation of the national park is high and recorded over 20 families within national park. Commonly sight Sri Lanka samba deer, Toque Macaques, Purple-faced langurs, Rusty-Spotted and Leopards with Wild boars can be sighted in this amazing land. Even World’s End another great tourist attraction in one part of the Horton Plain.

St. Clair Water Fall – Recorded widest waterfall that located in Nuwara Eliya and known as “Little Niagara Fall” due to its breathtaking views with superb surroundings. This place located proximity to Thalawakake Town and it is truly magnificent views. Spending time in here few hours will heal the mind and soul of the visitors. Highly attractive place local as well foreigners.

Mackwood Museum – A great place to observe the tea plantation history in Sri Lanka in a wider angle. The tea museum present great tea plantation era since colonial era of Sri Lanka. A great place to grab more knowledge as well as purchase quality tea products from here. Museum demonstrate all thins well and explain very well it is something that never missed.


Day 06 Nuwara Eliya to Ella

Final destination is Ella, it is another place in heaven on earth. Superb well-furnished backdrop brings more enthusiastic expression for visitors. Ella surroundings are truly amazing and superbly blend with unforgettable holiday experience. A great destination where can totally relax you and your soul as well. During the day expect to reach to Ella rock a tremendous destination with breathtaking views. Not even that it superbly blende with stunning views while trekking to the top of the mountain. During the journey expect to visit nine arch bridge. A bridge didn’t use any steel bar and totally connect only bricks. A remarkable creation during the colonial era. Not even that expect to visit Dowa temple which is over two thousand years.

Little Adam’s Peak – Tremendous trekking with breathtaking views. The journey is truly amazing and unforgettable. Sunrise at the moment is can’t be explained and able to capture more amazing moments. Wonderful milestone of great holiday experience and without a guide able to start trekking.

Ella Rock – Totally journey 8km for trekking it consist with fully amazing breathtaking views enormous feeling. It will pave the way to limitless wonderful experience. Instantly misty covered area with narrow paths are truly amazing. Something never missed during the

Nine Arch Bridge – A great creation of colonial era which has been built without using any steel bar. It was totally built by a solid rock with cement. There are nice arches in the bridge. The design has been done with a tremendous way because made with a curve and visiting and observe backdrop is truly remarkable.


Day 07 Ella to Udawalawe

Next day morning start journey to reach Udawalawe. Before reach to Udawalawe have planned to visit Rawana Waterfall. A truly amazing and stunning place. A great tourist destination with more attractions and perfect place to relax on semi dry climate in here. Can spend more leisure time under the natural lush and in front of the superb and stunning reservoir. Also able to visit Udawalawe national park safari where can see more elephants at one place. This national park is unique because able to find more animals in here. Not even that great opportunity for having camping experience. On the other hand able to visit elephant orphanage. Spending time on Udawalawe is truly remarkable.

Udawalawe National Park - Great place to enjoy the giant Elephants very closely. It is dry monsoon forest which bounded in Rathnapura District. Guests could attract Water Buffalo, Spotted Deer, Sambur Deer, Black-naped hare, Mongoose, Fox are some of the animals. There are many Elephants in Udawalawe National Park which bounded to a large reservoir.

Elephant Orphanage – A place where care about infants and when they grow release to the jungle. Bring baby elephants who abandoned due to various reasons. The management offer three times milk feeding for the baby elephants. It is truly amazing and stunning view for observe.


Day 08 Tissamaharamaya to Tangalle

Superb golden sandy beach that locates in Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is a fishery village and one of major place that attract by many foreigners. Perfect place for having sun bathing in the amazing beach. Also can ever gain perfect swimming in shallow water. Not even that Perfect boat ride at Rakawa lagoon will unforgettable experience ever can be gained. Because that is a place where can see many water birds with highest biodiversity. The lagoon is not too deep and this shallow water brings more things as foods for many animals in here. Not even that there is bird sanctuary called “Kalamatiya” locates in near to Tangalle.

Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary- A great place to enjoy the surroundings in a tremendous way not even that recorded large number of water birds in here. The best place to observe bird’s surroundings are truly amazing and it will pave the way for having more relaxation.

Rakawa Lagoon – A great place to enjoy the picturesque surroundings in a shallow lagoon. Number of mangroves have been recorded in this tremendous place. Many beautiful animals can be sighted here such like Mongoose, Iguana, Peacock, Cobra can be listed as few. Not even that many endemic fish species are found in here. The biodiversity of the lagoon is very high. Rakawa is comparatively a small lagoon with area of 2.4km2.

Blowhole – Naturally made perfect creation which located close to Tangalle. Blowhole caused with seawater rushes through submerged into large cave and then pushed up, then it comes through narrow hole. Due to its huge pressure the seawater comes up with 25m usually. Watching this natural creation make more tranquility not even that watching sunset at Blowhole makes breathtaking views. This is something never missed during the journey time.

Ussangoda – Large area found only small grass and there is no large any tree during the large surface. Not even that whole soil barren red color and that place located close to the sea. This amazing place located in Ambalantota and people believe this place lined to King Rawana era and he used this place as a runway to raise and land aero ships. This landscape shrouded in mystery and yet to be explored also that is truly amazing. The whole area of land converts to Red color.


Day 09 Tangalle to Mirissa

Early in the morning attend to Whales Watching tour from Mirissa one of finest and amazing tour with sweet memories. Usually travel 9-15 nautical miles with searching Blue whales. Not even that Bottle nose dolphin, Turtles can be sights in the same time. The trip usually starts at 6.00 am in the morning and roughly spend five or six hours per journey. After that visit koggala lagoon boat safari with Cinnamon Island visit. A great place to observe the cinnamon industry in this island. Not even that a great opportunity to enjoy the breath taking Koggala Lagoon.  Overnight at Mirissa

Whale Watching – A great expedition to enjoy the giant mammal in the world. There are number of Blue whales can be sighted in here. Even dolphins as well as turtles can be seen in the deep blue sea. Meals and bottle of water provide by the organizers and usually travel 9-15 nautical miles per journey. Observing the blue whales behavior is truly amazing and unforgettable experience.

Folk Museum – Located on Koggala, it is a small fishery village proximity to Galle city. Museum was a home for great novelist called Mr. Martin Wickrmasinghe who has written many great novels. There are number of items that exhibit which represent the folk history of Sri Lanka. Muppet, Masks and Folk civilization well demonstrate in this place and superb place to grab more knowledge at once. It is something never missed by travelers.


Day 10 Mirissa to Airport


The prime destinations with stunning perfect golden sandy beaches. The first prime destination is Hikkaduwa. One of great attraction among worldwide travelers. A surf point, great diving destinations, perfect snorkeling locations with golden sandy beach located in here. Not even that there are major attractions located to attract more guests to this stunning beach. Not even that spend time on Mask Museum at Ambalangoda. It is one of other great location to observe the mask making policies. Overnight at Hikkaduwa.

Observation Coral – Hikkaduwa is a paradise for observation coral. The vast spread soft and hard coral may added more amazing enthusiastic breathtaking stunning views for the visitors. The shallow water became perfect platform for number of coral fishes in here and having glass bottom boat ride or snorkeling tour will be added more enthusiastic and amazing moments. Also Hikkaduwa is the first marine national park which declared by the government of Sri Lanka.

Mask Making – Ambalangoda is a well-known for making mask. It comes with a great rituals from thousands of years. Making mask comes up with generation to generation and every mask has own custom. Mask has god, goddess, and evils by finished colorful furnished. Also visiting Mask Museum at Ambalngoda is a tremendous experience ever can gained with grabbing more information.

Moonstone Mine – Moonstone only found in Sri Lanka Ambalangoda, this is a place proximity to Hikkaduwa and people believe this stone made by the blessings of Moon. Anyhow this is naturally made semi-precious stone. Also this stone has amazing view and use many jewelry. Once you visit there able to have adventurous blended superb experience. Also can observe the rituals and moonstone mining process.