03 Days Surfing Tour | 03 Days


Day 01 Airport to Hikkaduwa  

Our professional chauffeur will wait for you at the door of arrival to warmly welcome and start most convenience with the safest journey to observe unlimited travel temptation. The prime destination is Hikkaduwa. A great surfing point that recognized by all over the world and able to enjoy the superb and adventurous experience ever can be gained in here. Spend whole time on the beach with superb. It will pave the way to enjoy the superb and adventurous experience in here. Attend to superb and adventurous surfing rides with the golden sandy beach. Not even that visit few attractions on Hikkaduwa but more time attending for surfing.


Observation Coral – Hikkaduwa is a paradise for observation coral. The vast spread soft and hard coral may be added more amazing enthusiastic breathtaking stunning views for the visitors. The shallow water became the perfect platform for a number of coral fishes in here and having glass bottom boat ride or snorkelling tour will be added more enthusiastic and amazing moments. Also, Hikkaduwa is the first marine national park which declared by the government of Sri Lanka.


Mask Making – Ambalangoda is well-known for making a mask. It comes with great rituals from thousands of years. Making mask comes up with generation to generation and every mask has its own custom. Mask has god, goddess, and evils by finished colourful furnished. Also visiting Mask Museum at Ambalngoda is a tremendous experience ever can be gained with grabbing more information.


Moonstone Mine – Moonstone only found in Sri Lanka Ambalangoda, this is a place proximity to Hikkaduwa and people believe this stone made by the blessings of Moon. Anyhow this is naturally made the semi-precious stone. Also, this stone has an amazing view and use many pieces of jewellery. Once you visit there able to have adventurous blended superb experience. Also, can observe the rituals and moonstone mining process.


Day 02 Hikkaduwa to Galle


Tour planned to enjoy the surfing point in Unawatuna. It is one of a great place to enjoy the superb surfing experience in golden sandy belt attractions in the wider angle. Able to surf in Dewata, Unawatuna is truly amazing. There is a number of most attractive things found while on the journey such like Stilt Fishing, Galle Fort, Turtle Hatchery, Cinnamon Island, Koggala Folk Museum are vast spread experience can be gained. Stilt fishing is one of the traditional fishing methods only spread on southern part of Sri Lanka. Finally, Galle fort is well preserved Dutch Fort with the bounded natural harbour. Walking through the colonial era buildings makes more sense for the visitors. Also, there is a number of museums located in the fort, where proudly present history. Overnight stay at Galle.

Stilt Fishing – A traditional fishing method only can sight in Southern Part of Sri Lanka. It comes generation to generation and the fisherman is not using bait and sitting on a narrow pole many hours with an expectation of capturing fish. Koggala, Weligama, Habarduwa, Midigama are some of the very famous places for still fishing. Those fishermen only attend to fishing only Morning, Noon and Evening.


Turtle Hatchery – Down south of Sri Lanka is a great place for laying eggs for Turtles and there are many turtle hatcheries. They protect the eggs and baby turtles and when they grow up release to the ocean. Not even that many foreigners are attending many volunteer works in the hatchery. It is the truly remarkable thing to attend some works on a volunteer basis.  Able to get the chance to release the turtle into the ocean if you visit correct times to the turtle farm.


Galle Fort – Well preserved Dutch developed fort that located in Southern Part of Sri Lanka. This fort originally built by Portuguese in later on Dutch has been developed it shape and increase the defence strength. The Galle Fort has over 90 acres. All colonial things were well preserved in here. Galle Fort is a precious place for honeymoon destination due to its superb background. Walking through masonry and wooden pillars make more magnificent feelings.


Day 03 Galle to Weligama

Early in the morning attend to Whales Watching tour from Mirissa one of finest and amazing tour with sweet memories. There are superb surfing points locates in here Midigama, Weligama and Kabalana are major places to enjoy the superb surfing experience with more sweet memories. Then expect to visit koggala lagoon boat safari with Cinnamon Island visit. A great place to observe the cinnamon industry in this island. Not even that a great opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking Koggala Lagoon.  Overnight at Mirissa


Folk Museum – Located on Koggala, it is a small fishery village proximity to Galle city. Museum was a home for great novelist called Mr Martin Wickrmasinghe who has written many great novels. There are a number of items that exhibit which represent the folk history of Sri Lanka. Muppet, Masks and Folk civilization well demonstrate in this place and a superb place to grab more knowledge at once. It is something never missed by travellers.


Cinnamon Island & Boat Tour – Koggala is a small fishery village with bounded very stunning Koggala lake where can make more tranquillity your mind and soul. Having great boat ride at Koggala Lake with enormous feeling will add a tremendous feeling for you. Also able to visit the cinnamon island where doing making cinnamon products as their way of living. A great place to grab more information and experience. Then visit spice garden at Koggala another great location to observe the spices with unforgettable memories.