The only way to reach Meemure is the ‘Hunnasgiriya’ where located 50km far from Kandy. From Hunnasgiriya to Meemure there are 33km and the routs is tricky but pleasant.

Pack-bulls were the solitary method of transport in Meemure till 2004. Herd of cattle carried sacks full of goods and equipment to the village. Due to the prosperity of the village pack-bulls were only used to carry salt, cloths, tobacco and calcium bicarbonate. To date, transportation is developed. A three wheel, a jeep and a lorry can be accessed comfortably a costar with 28 seating capacity can be used to reach Corbett gap which is half of the distance of Journey.

There is a small van; daily provides transport due to the needs of peasants. Even though, the carrying capacity of this van is 12, up to 20 – 30 travelers getting in to the van. This situation is clearly evidencing the difficulty of this area. These van departures at 5.30 a.m in the morning and 11.30 a.m from Meemure and Hunnasgiriya respectively.

Though the route to Meemure is difficult, none of the areas in Sri Lanka has such diversity along the route. Hunnsgiriya is the southern boundary of Knuckles forest. From that, 6 feet narrow road runs through knuckles East slope.

This road can be divided to tow categories for easily understanding.