One of the ancient historical city with a natural harbour. It is located 117km away from the capital city of Colombo. Since centuries Galle was one of great destination for international trading due to it has a natural harbour. Within Galle city, there is Portuguese built fort. Later on, Dutch has been significantly developed its shape and everything upon on requirement. Dutch able to develop the Galle Fort as a superb safety place. This tremendous place bounded to sea as well as a harbour. Also, there was a deep moat that made surrounded to the fort. And Dutch has been made this tremendous thing with a base of the Portuguese plan. Also during the British era, they have been upgraded the fort as well. This tremendous place has been spread among over 90 acres. Also within the fort Dutch has been established everything. There is a direct supply way from the Galle Harbor to the Galle Fort. Therefore no need to worry about outside threat to the Galle Fort. Even today this world heritage has been well preserved and with great colonial evidence. Not even that Gall Fort became one of great honeymoon destination. Walking through bastions and ramparts it brings heaven to you an evening watching the sunset is truly amazing and stunning.