Dry zone National Park in Hambantota District. A perfect combination of all kinds of bird’s animals and reptiles. Once visited able to sight more animals with the highest variety. Yala is the place where recorded the highest leopard density in Sri Lanka. It is a paradise for watching leopard not even that it is the highest possibility for observing bear as well. The best time to sight more animals in Morning and Evening. Not even that Yala is a great place to have unforgettable camping experience between animals with jungle. There are several places where can have safe camping sites it will bring whole new experience for visitors. There are major 05 blocks in the national park. Yala is the best place to observe Birds as well there are many endemic as well as immigrant birds are coming to have nestle. Not even that elephants can be seen in here with large density. According to recorded over 44 mammals in Yala National Park. Wild water buffalo, Toque Macaque, Golden Palm civet and Fishing cat also can see in this amazing place. Yala National Park brings more amazing and tremendous unforgettable experience ever with its superb attractions. Also, it is the best place for wild photography because can reach amazing moments.