Such a tremendous creation of ancient Ceylonese and still a mystery how they built this kind of massive structure on top of the rock. According to archaeological facts, this place built by King Kashapa and he has chosen his kingdom a far away from Anuradhapura historical city. The king has been planned everything in his new kingdom. Sigiriya was a perfect place in all kinds of defence side and there was a moat surrounded the rock. Also water garden is a truly amazing creation during the raining time this fountain still work. There is a pipeline which used to carry the water and remove the water and that is totally made by stone. It is truly unbelievable and tremendous work by ancient stone carvers. Sigiriya became one of world heritage site due to its versatile. Also, it is one of a great place for observing cave painting. Well-furnished arts of women. The colour separation and matching have been done in a tremendous way. On the plateau, we can find a gateway that made to climb easily to the rock fort. The surrounding view is stunning and picturesque. Also, the mirror wall is a great place to observe about poets that wrote by people who enjoyed the surroundings and the cave paintings.  A great place to spend time in tranquillity