The best way to enjoy the wonderful experience from the air. Dambulla is the major location for hot air ballooning. The best way to see picturesque and stunning backdrop in an enthusiastic way. Not even that it will pave the way to celebrate your sweet memories in an unforgettable way. The chief piolet will briefly explain about the journey and the safety procedures. Observing wildlife on a hot air ballooning will make more sense for the visitors. It will be one hour journey and it starts early in the morning. Watching sunrise is truly amazing and wonderful experience can be gained. This silence and quite observing method will be brought many enthusiastic experiences. The best way to observe the countryside of Sri Lanka. The best way to celebrate birthday, wedding anniversary or not even propose to fiancé are some of the more memorable events can be attended in hot air ballooning. This excursion is a significant event on your holiday experience with more remarkable and stunning views.