Ceylon became world most valuable place in biodiversity with the natural asset. Wildlife became a more worthy thing in the tourism sector which could attract more guest to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka found a number of National parks also each and every park is enriched with many animals. Visiting morning and evening are the best time to enjoy the nature. Also, this amazing experience helps you to make more relaxation. Yala, Udawalawe, Bundala, Wasgomuwa, Glaoya, Maduruoya, Willpattu have known Sri Lanka best places to observe about fauna and flora with many immigrant birds as well. Not even that having camping experience in this amazing land will add an enormous feeling for your holidays. Sri Lanka became and known as top five biodiversity hotspot around the world and recorded the highest rate of biological endemism. There are Asian Elephants, Sloth bear, Leopards, Sambar, Wild buffaloes and many endemic fishes recorded in this great lands. Spending time on the greenish canopy is a whole new experience for visitors.