Sri Lanka early known as Ceylon is a paradise for birds because the greenish surroundings and many breeding places superbly match with perfect nestle for the birds. Not even that many immigrant birds coming to this tropical island. During the Sri Lanka has been recorded over 427 birds and it is quite large diversity. This range has been spread among dry zone to wet zone. There are a number of places where can see many birds such like Bundala, Kumana are the major hotspots for birds watching. Not even that Udawatta Sanctuary, Kalamatiya, Sinharaja are other best places to observe the birds. Those are the fully consistent with many bird species. In Kumana is the best platform for seeing birds also able to see many rare birds and it is truly amazing and wonderful experience. Also, it is a great opportunity to capture more precious moments. Watching birds will make more sense for the holiday experience. Stork, Heron, Egret, Pelican, Spoonbill, Myna and many more birds can be sighted in the morning and the evening.